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This will be a view from inside. When you hear this don’t think of it as a employee that got fired or anything like that. I was employee of the month the last two months I was there. I am just doing this to tell consumers my experience so you could make your decision on if you want to buy from this dealership. I left Ottosource about a month ago and still have not received my last pay check from a deal that vehicle was delivered a couple of days after left. Mite not ever receive that check. This company sales customers on the basis that they have high-end vehicles under 80k miles. They tell us to explain to customers that ever vehicle go through two independent mechanic facilities one via the auction and the other one Eurrotech (side note how is it a independent mechanic facilities if the same guy that owns Ottosource owns Eurtotech). Every vehicle is washed and put online for sale. Just ask them for that inspection report that CERTIFIED vehicle must go throughout and s

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OttoSource Review

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