RajueyESerum888919 False advertising for $4.95 shipping & handling fee then charged $94.77 and $73.85 Internet!!. Online advertising for product that was offered for $4.95 shipping and handling only. I researched the site for any other information such as auto renewel, etc. No where was it advertised that there would be any additional charge whatsoever in any form. I made the purchase which was for two items. Now I get charged $94.77 and $73.85. I would never make such a purchase as I am disabled and on a fixed income. These charges combined are nearly the amount I have to spend on groceries each month which is $200.00. I have no way to replenish these lost funds. I am not a mean or vindictive person, however, at this moment I am wishing that whoever made the decision from this company, to fool people and steal their money, I hope they have a similar thing occur to them and in the amount that would devastate their finances just as this has devastated me. I also

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By Karl