Ramada Plaza Resort Winnipeg Manitoba Review


Hi I just received one of these phone calls yesterday saying I could win one of their trips to Florida and Bahamas Cruise and 2 other bonus trips to Mexico and Vegas (15 days n 14 nights). They asked me to do a survey which I did and they gave me a code number and told me that I may be contacted within 24 hours. nAfter the call I decided to call the number back but got a recording saying that the mailbox I was trying to reach was full. I then decided to check the website they gave me but all I could disceminate from that site was some Advertising link Firstlook that had some disturbing stuff on their Terms of Service. How odd I thought to myself. Where is all the stuff regarding this opportunity and who this company was? I didnt recall who the nice young man said he represented and I wanted to get some background information on them. nNow I just didnt fall off the turnip truck and my mind was registering SCAM when the guy started his spiel, but I was bored and being tired of calls from bill collectors, I decided I would see where this was going to lead. I went online to try to find anything regarding vacation scams by phone and found some interesting stuff but wasnt sure if I had the right sites. Then I saw something about a BBB report of a RAMADA vacation site and recalled that that was the name the young man used several times during his spiel. They received an “F””. nI checked my email today and was not surprised that I had been selected for one of their prestigeous vacation holidays. OMG and lmao… I just went back to my mail to check the wording in their email and they must of dialed the wrong number because the last name they used in the letter in NOT mine hahahahaha. nAnyway several hours later I got their call. I tried to ask a few questions of the salespitch person who identified herself as Barbara C. where she said she had to go over all the vaction details and that she would be happy to answer any questions I had. I listened politely and was Googling Ramada Plaza Resorts when I came across this site. nI didnt really care hear all the stuff she talked about since I had already decided to inform her that I was not interested

but decided that since she was trying to fleece me out of my hard earned money that I could let her go thru the whole sales pitch…lol. I mentioned some of the stuff I had online about their company and she pretty much said all the stuff about how the internet was unregulated

blah blah blah

and I referred to the crappy rating by the BBB and said thanks but no thanks. She told me I was crazy to give up a trip having 5000.00 value. I still have that and more still in my pocket not theirs. nSo all you Canuckies out there….BEWARE…. they are working on us. nRockynWinnipeg


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By Karl