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Raymond Rau Raubuilders LLC, Rustic Ranch Homes, National Polebarn Co., Mike Fraizer, Caryn Jones Took $249,000 and left me with a huge disaster New Braunfels Texas!!. My name is Lara Smith, I hired Raymond Rau in August 2019 after doing some research on building a barndominium. I found his information on the milam county buy, sell, trade page on Facebook. I googled his company name raubuilders LLC and only 2 negative reviews popped up and some good reviews as well. When I met with him for the first time, in July, at my property I confronted him about the 2 bad reviews I had found and he claimed that one of the people had stolen their own material and it was later found on the persons property, and that the other person had just been unhappy because their job had moved slow due to him going through a divorce and having had a motorcycle wreck. At the time those seemed like legitimate excuses at the time, as I understand things do happen. So I decided to go ahead and

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Raymond Rau

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