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Real Strategic Inc, David Sprague, CEO Deceptive and Unethical Products by Master Marketer David Sprague Jupiter Florida!!. I bought Prospect Rocket automation software, also called Local Marketing Genius from David Sprague during a webinar that was hosted by GoMobile on January 11, 2017. GoMobile is a company I had done business with over the past several years which made me feel I could trust their endorsement of this product. The webinar made us believe that this system was set up with emails, scripts and everything we need to start making money selling our own local business products. It was emphatically stated within the presentation that the set up was easy and almost done for you. You could use the system to sell any product or to sell products produced by David Sprague. Within a short time after buying the product for $697 with monthly fees of $99 beginning in 12 months, I found myself frustrated and confused with a system that failed miserably at delivering

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Real Strategic Inc.

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