I got cold sore (herpes type 1) and came across the company on the net Their webpage is so convincing me their mineral product can actually remove the virus as long as I follow their instructions(50day detox program).So I ordered from New Zealand and successfully finished 50 day detox program and waited a year and waited another year and I still got cold sore outbreak .They say after their 50 day detox program 9 months to 12 months,I’ll have some minor outbreaks and it’ll be gone forever. And if I take blood test,it won’t show. But it’s still coming back. So I complained about it and they said I have to buy more and take more. They SHOULD NOT say It will remove the virus out of body and it won’t be happen again after a year. Like other scammer do,their website is so convincing with virus pics,blood test informations,consumer feed backs…. .

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By Karl