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Robert Elliott Robert / Bobbie / Bob and a make pretend Veterinarian Stalker Woodbury New York!!. Robert / Bobbie / Bob and various other forms of Bob is clearly a deranged psychopath. Six years ago he filed a complaint against me , which I didnu2019t bother to respond to since I knew him to be a scammer , cheat , liar , pervert , and stalker. Six years have passed and this PSYCHOTIC LITTLE MAD MAN, has followed me wherever I have gone and maliciously harassed me. His current claims regarding me are unfounded and and based on innuendo and not facts. Some examples of his lunacy…..I have never been on Public Assistance , I am not a withered up woman in my 60u2019s , nor have I had a face lift. I have never owned a Restaurant , do not owe money to any firm in New York , do not have a Veterinarian in N.Y.C ETC ETC ETC. I felt no need to rebute his original claim in 2018 , because it would feed into his lunacy. He was a Therapist and lost his license and when his w

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Robert Elliott

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