Scatter Creek Labradors


Complaint: To the next potential buyer, Please do your research and visit this facility prior to purchasing a puppy OR putting a down payment down. I wouldn’t actually recommend you buy a puppy from this place at all. I put a down payment on a labrador puppy (non refundable) and then visited. Upon reaching the facility I found 2 females dogs (one the Dam to my puppy and the other just had a litter) to be significantly underweight. When asking about the Sire, she brought him out and he was severely emaciated. The breeder asked me to pick my puppy up on a certain date. After some back and forth we would have picked the puppy up 4 days prior to the date they listed. I did some calculations and I realized that this put my puppy at just 6.5 weeks old. I emailed the breeder questioning if this was going to be ok since puppies develop social skills & bite inhibition between 7-9 weeks of age. I was told the puppy would be just fine. Upon receiving my puppy, ribs & hip bones were clearly visible and she only weighed 3.2 lbs. She was extremely lethargic, had loose bloody stools, and was barely eating the food the breeder sent home. I pulled her from her hard dog food & cooked soft food for her (chicken/rice/eggs). She did much better. Upon taking her to the vet 6 days later she was found to have 2 separate parasites, Giardia and Coccidia. She was also put on an antibiotic due to having a cold. I was never provided with a vet inspection for the puppy. I have not yet received my AKC papers as promised as well. Please, any future buyers, be wary of this facility as you may get a very sick puppy and be supporting a facility that does not take care of their dogs. This is not an experience I would care to repeat. My puppy is mending and putting weight on now, but this breeder is definitely not what she advertised.

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Address: 1224 Winlock Vader Rd Winlock, WA Winlock, Washington USA


Phone: 360-785-3004

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By Karl