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I purchased a used Saturn SL-1 from Scrimale`s Collision on July 9, 2010. I was told that this car was in very good condition, and Scrimale`s Collision does all of the paperwork and inspection at their company. One month after I bought the car, I began having problems with it. I took it back just three days before the warranty ran out, and was told by one of the workers that he drove the car and stated there was nothing wrong with the car. So far, I have had to replace :Radiator; had a hole in it, Flush the coolant lines, replace the Thermostat, A new Muffler and Exhaust. The car has to go back in to another shop for more work in July to replace the horn, a Diagnostic Test is needed as the Service Engine Light is on all of the time. When I took the car in this month, June 2010 to have the muffler and exhaust replaced, I was told the shifting is off and now the Transmission may need to be redone. I payed $2,000.00 for this car plus $160.00 in New York state sales tax and the car still isn`t done being worked on. I called Scrimale`s Collision on December 14 of 2010 and spoke to John Scrimale about the car basically falling apart. He assured me that he would make sure the car would be taken care of, and for me and to call back on Monday, December 17th. When I did, he stated that I would have to hock some of my personal belongings in order to have the car repaired. I did report him to the New York State DMV after he reneged on fixing the car as he promised, and also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They sent Scrimale`s Collision a letter to see if they would help me out, but they never responded. I will never go to this place to do any kind of business again. John Scrimale ripped me off severely. The money I spent to purchase this car came from my late sisters` Wrongful Death Estate, which John Scrimale was fully aware of. I can`t think of a person who is A-Moral as he is. I hope someone manages to shut down Scrimale`s Collision. The company does not belong servicing or selling used cars to what so ever. I only draw Disability, and all my money is going to repair this car.

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