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Complaint: I have now done 4 jobs for Trevor Surdu / SDG Homes and have only been properly paid on 1 job after numerous months and getting paid thru Cislo Title Company on the house SDG closed on. I have since been waiting to get paid on 3 other projects. Trevor just recently gave me a check for $1,000 to get me to finish a remodeling job in Milford. I later went to Deposit the check after completing the Final and a few days later I was notified by the bank that it “Bounced!”” Trevor said there must be a mix-up

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Address: yet it’s been almost a week and I still don’t have a new check and I’m still waiting to get paid on 3 jobs. I’m going to have to put Leins on 3 properties now

Website: (734) 216-7551

Phone: because Trevor refuses to pay and ignores phone calls. He always blames the lack of funding on his “”investors”””

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By Karl