Sensible Home Warranty Van Nuys California Review


BEWARE OF SENSIBLE HOME WARRANTY! n nThe representative at Sensible Home Warranty have lied to me, dropped my calls and blatantly hinderednmy attempts to get questions answered concerning delayed service and unpaid bills. In my experience, they have employed deceit and stall tactics in an attempt to frustrate customers and vendors. n nSensible Home Warranty (SHW) has been unable PROVIDED SERVICE on a service call made 2 weeks ago, and I live in Los Angeles! After 12 calls they still can’t explain why except to repeat, “Vendor relations isncoordinating it””

but can’t say what that means! n nSENSIBLE HOME WARRANTY IS NOT PAYING VENDORS. I contacted 3 service providers who did multiple jobsnfor SHW and all 3 told me that they had not been able to collect from Sensible Home Warranty. SOME INVOICES WERE 18 MONTHS OLD! Sensible never returned their calls or emails. n nSensibles Account Payable department has been unresponsive to vendors and has NEVER returned myncalls

voicemails or emails. n nSensible owes me money for a bill I paid out of my own pocket. n nFor the past 2 months I made over 22 phone calls

plus voice mails and emails

trying to straighten-out service request and payments

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By Karl