SHOP NBC CHARLOTTE North Carolina Review


Shop Nbc steals customers money. I returned some jewelry items on 02/10/03. They were received in their warehouse and signed for on 02/13/03.I have contacted them over 8 times, nI have sent them proof of delivery and yet they refuse to credit my account.I beleive that Shop Nbc is in financial trouble and they are using the float of customers money to try to stay in business.Why else would they do nothing about me and thousands of customers like me?? nIf someone is interested in going in on a class action lawsuit please let me know. I can assure you that if I or any other consumer tried using the float or check kiting that they are doing to hold our money hostage without paying us any interest we would be in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nscarlettnCHARLOTTE, North CarolinaU.S.A.



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By Karl