Sleepy Sheep Ranch Bainbridge Island Washington Review


I was shocked and disappointed to report that after four months of waiting from the time I originally placed my order, I finally received my shipment of lamb yesterday. It arrived completely thawed – warm – and bloody. The delivery box was leaking blood all over the floor. There was no dry ice, or indication there had ever been any. In checking the UPS shipment log – I was equally shocked to discover that your company sent this delivery UPS Ground. ??? Having lived in Texas for more than 8 years, I am all too familiar with the summers there – and cannot fathom why you would choose to send a highly perishable food item anything buy overnight air delivery?I have contacted the company by both email and phone, as has Groupon (I originally purchased this through Groupon), to no avail. No reply, no respone, no one answers the phone.

9324 Fm 898 Whitewright, Texas USA

(972) 834-5033

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By Karl