Got there number from yellow pages online. Called and spoke to the sales lady. Told her what I had and I needed a new circuit board. She told me they have one that would work. I asked about a return policy and she told me as long as the package around the board was not opened then it would only be the cost to me of shipping the item back. Gave them my crdit card info and purchased the item. | So a day or two later I’m researching online and discover that for another 125 bucks I could have purchased an entire new system from another company. So i contacted Spaguts and told them the package had not arrived yet but I needed to start a return in order to send back when I recieve it. I was then told there was also a 25% restocking fee. She told me that it is on the webpage when I ordered the part. I told her I ordered over phone and was never told. SHe said she would have to speak to her supervisor and have him get back to me. | Of course never heard from him so emailed them 2 days later. He called later that day and told me that every company charges a restocking fee. i laughed and told him I order online often and most don’t and if they did was maybe 10%. He said I was a liar. I assured him that if he insisted on charging me 25% which comes to 67 dollars, and I paid shipping back, that I would file a complaint with BBB and also on any other websites available. He did’t care. | So here I am. You can also go to and see many other writeups.


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  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Anaheim
  • Address: 3921 E La Palma Ave #S
  • Phone: 714 764-0013
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By Karl