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Stripe Inc Patrick Collison Stripe Held All Of My Money $230,000.00 and LIED about sent funds DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!! San Fransisco California!!. Stripe is holding on to $229,668.33 which represents 100% of our processed transactions USD 87,963.39 of which was confirmed by their system to have been sent on 8/18/2018 but was canceled for a string of bogus reasons on 8/21/2018. I am quite sure that it’s not possible to cancel an ACH payment that has been “sent,” so I wonder why Stripe would knowingly deceive a merchant because no payment was “sent.” Stripe has not been candid in any way in our relationship and has no problem breaking the law to screw merchants over. Stripe has provided inaccurate promises that we have relied on to our determent. The legal doctrine of promissory estoppel exists, so situations like this don’t happen. We processed a lot of money with Stripe, and now they want to hold the funds for 90 days! They told us o

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