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Basset & Gold is offering unregulated corporate bonds with very luring returns. For up to a time period of 5 years, you can get up to 7.46% every year for bonds, which will pay  a monthly income. A 7.7% per year interest rate for their five year bonds (interest is rolled up). On their cash bonds, you can get 3.14%, these pay interest twice annually, and can be redeemed after giving a 30 daysí notice. Their one year Pensioner Bonds give a 4.32% PA for individuals with ages of 55 and above.

Basset & Goldís offers might sound like the best deal in the world, however, before making any rash decisions, let us see who is the genius behind such an unbelievable deal. (Sarcasm intended)

Brains Behind Basset & Gold 

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