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Brett Broyles never Attends any meetings. Always sends a subordinate instead.
In my 30 years of professional experience I have never met as an arrogant and lazy person as Brett Broyles. Brett has set new records at complacency and arrogance which I don’t think anyone else can break except himself. I only met him three or four times and those meetings were enough to make me realise why Brett was not worthy of my money.†
My friend had recommended me to hire Brett Broyles when I was looking for a finance advisor. Thatís why I hired that man. It turns out, you canít even trust your friends nowadays because Brett was nowhere near what she claimed him to be. 
Brett Broyles and His Qualifications
Part of the reason why my friend thought Brett is a great guy is because of his qualifications. On paper, he looks like an amazing option. He

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