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Jeff Camarda is a Perverted Sick Man
Jeff is a pervert. He made sexual advances on my wife. He thinks he can get away with anything he does. And he is so  obsessed with himself that he doesn’t care about others. I wanted to punch his face off but I did not, he is lucky. 
A Little Info on Jeff Camarda:
I believe everyone should know who this Jeff Camarda is. He is the CEO of the Camarda Wealth Advisory Group and is the chairman of that company too. He has many awards to his name, so he seemed like someone with great expertise. 
I hired him because I wanted someone to handle the finances of my family and its investments. The fact that Jeff has a wife and even grandkids, makes me wonder what must go through their minds when they find out the truth about this pervert. Those poor people have no idea what this guy does when he is away. 
Iím sharing his bio here so everyone would know who

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