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Leo Marzen is a RACIST
I had hired Leo Marzen for handling my finances some time ago. He seemed like a reliable professional back then and I couldíve never expected him to be an inconsiderate and hateful bigot. He made racist comments on my friends at a party. He looks down on minorities and discriminates blatantly. I canít believe such a person runs a wealth management company. He is a disgrace to other finance professionals.†
Leo had worked with me and my company for several months and I never really thought he would be a bigoted racist. I fired him when I found out his reality. I donít work with bigoted people like Leo, who hate certain sections of society and spread their negativity opently. It seems like he forgets basic manners and decency whenever he sees a black person. 
Iíve been seeing how people have been raising awareness against racist people present in our society. Thatís why Iíve written about my p

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