Terrible Company. Stay Away from them.


I had a very terrible experience by one of the art and framing company which was Bull City Art & Frame Company. Donít fall prey to their misleading advertisements and content. Their positive ratings are RUBBISH. I had hired them for fixing the frame of a few of my of artworks and they ended up […]

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They stole money from me and didnít even accept their fault.

They stole money from me and didnít even accept their fault.

They took my money for a procedure but I never got the procedure done. THEY STOLE FROM ME. I had paid them for 3 sessions of coolsculpting but I only received one! ONE! They didnít even give me a refund for the other two. They just told me that I was eligible for a single session of coolsculpting. They all are fraudsters. They are defrauding people and Iím pretty sure that Iím not the only victim of this sham. Donít trust all those online reviews. Donít trust their website. I made that mistake. And I tell you, they are just a group of thieves. They are lying to you so that you will pay them a great sum for the services.
I was looking for a good skincare and body contouring spa and thatís how I came across these guys. They seemed like nice people because of their large number of online reviews and their professional-like website. When I contacted them, they didnít show any signs of unprofessional or fishy behavior. So I did not consider them as some criminals. Be