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Matthew Blackley is the worst of the worst


Matthew Blackley is a terrible human being. Heís a horrible, heartless person who only cares about his own life. His goals will always come first to him and he will never change. This asshole actually abandoned his family because he met a gold digger. The mistress is such a stereotypical gold digger everyone can see right through her.
But Blackley is such a creep. Iíve personally seen how his family suffers every day because of his actions. They suffer emotionally after he left them, but also financially. They simply donít have enough money to go around. He blows all his money when he parties with his mistress.
Before you ask the obvious question, Iíll answer it. Yes, his wife has filed for divorce. But thereís something hugely wrong about this whole situation. Who actually takes the money meant to feed his own kids and wife and spends it partying with his bitch of a mistress? Who actually has the heart to do that? The answer is Matthew Blackley. I havenít me

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