M3 Global Research is a Scam


HemoAware was contacted by M3 Global Research as they were interested in getting our patients to complete a survey for market research. We then sent a survey link to 2500+ patients. We were supposed to receive $50 for every patient that filled out the survey (referral fee) and those patients would also receive $50 for their time in filling out the survey. Well, after a few weeks of us promoting the survey to our patients, we received an email from a representative over at M3 Global Research, Camila Chiodi, stating that the survey is “on hold.” For what?
They had stated that we recruited over 100 people to complete the survey. Therefore, our organization should be receiving, at a minimum, $5,000 for referring our patients to complete the survey.
Our patients have not been paid for their time and neither has our organization. We did some research before partnering with M3 Global Research but couldn’t find any negative feedback from other organizations. M3 Research

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