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Stanimir Zhelev is a Sexually Frustrated Pedophile
Before you read my story please understand that it was very difficult for me to work on it. Iíve been severely hurt by these instances. I canít explain how much courage it took me to write this post. However, I believe it is my duty to alert the world about the dangers this guy poses. He is a threat to society.  Stanimir Zhelev runs some kind of an online business and is a total narcissist. He doesnít hesitate in beating women, hurling cuss words at others, and most of all, is a pedophile. When I was in a relationship with Stanimir Zhelev, I suffered a lot. The mental and physical torture nearly crippled me for life. I couldíve died. 
But thanks to my sister, I was able to escape that hellhole. She had urged me to press charges against Stanimir, but I didnít do anything because I didnít want any drama. 
Moreover, I didnít want to go over this phase of my life all over agai

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