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SungEel MCC Americas ????


SungEel is going to be one of those companies that is giving capitalism a bad name. Sure, you may generate jobs and sure, you may have good intentions why you want to put up that Lithium Ion recycling center. Thatís absolutely fine, but not in Endicott, NY if you want to do so!
Itís all over the press and media that they are proudly campaigning about how this is going to be the first Lithium Ion recycling center in the US. Iím all up for recycling and progress, but having this facility very close to our neighborhood threatens the welfare of our community. There have been several sources citing the negative effects of PFAS or Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances that comes a byproduct of the recycling process. PFAS as cited in an EPA report () is known to cause adverse effects on humans and animals: Liver and Kidney damage and Tumors to name a few. Itís completely unacceptable how they manage to secu

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