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They stole money from me and didnít even accept their fault.

They stole money from me and didnít even accept their fault.

They took my money for a procedure but I never got the procedure done. THEY STOLE FROM ME. I had paid them for 3 sessions of coolsculpting but I only received one! ONE! They didnít even give me a refund for the other two. They just told me that I was eligible for a single session of coolsculpting. They all are fraudsters. They are defrauding people and Iím pretty sure that Iím not the only victim of this sham. Donít trust all those online reviews. Donít trust their website. I made that mistake. And I tell you, they are just a group of thieves. They are lying to you so that you will pay them a great sum for the services.
I was looking for a good skincare and body contouring spa and thatís how I came across these guys. They seemed like nice people because of their large number of online reviews and their professional-like website. When I contacted them, they didnít show any signs of unprofessional or fishy behavior. So I did not consider them as some criminals. Be


Donít be deceived by their website and their online reviews!

Donít be deceived by their website and their online reviews!

Sheehan Orthodontics has negligent dentists practicing there. Beware!! This place has careless professionals working there who donít give a damn about your well being. They have no knowledge of their trades and all they do is try to deceive you. They donít show you the full picture. Instead of trusting those online reviews, ask the […]

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Avoid SmileLife Dentistry at all costs!


SmileLife Dentistry provides the worst dental service possible. The main doctor is an egoist and does not care about their patientsí comfort or feelings. It is just going to make your life more difficult while giving you a hurtful experience to remember. I went to SmileLife Dentistry for taking care of my braces. Iím not from this area, however, I needed to find a good dental clinic and this one was nearby. The front desk people at this clinic made me sign a contract. The doctor started filling my teeth which somehow made my teeth look extremely short and ugly, then they applied braces on my teeth. After some time I started noticing that my teeth were looking hideous and the doctor told me to get a surgical procedure done which will make all my teeth longer and it would only cost $600. Neither the doctor nor the associates clarified what exactly the procedure was going to be. They did not even tell me what their true intentions were. Most of the time the doctor will not even tal

She is a criminal and a negligent dentist.


She has no heart and no guilt for the kind of pain she inflicts on her patients. Donít trust all those online reviews. They donít paint the full picture. She installed a dental crown on a damaged tooth without even treating the underlying problem. That caused me a lot of pain for weeks and I […]

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Eric Braverman charged and arrested after sexual abuse


Eric Braverman was arrested and charged with sexually abusing a 28 year old Tribeca woman, according to the Daily News. The 57 year old anti-aging doctor had his felony sex abuse case was adjourned to a later date in Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday. Prosecutors could file notice of an indictment then.
Braverman allegedly pushed her onto a bed, clutched her breast and pulled her hair against her will. This happened on the 4th of January, inside a unit at a luxury high rise building at around 10 p.m., on Chambers St. (near West St.). The victim was an acquaintance or friend. She apparently asked him to stop and verbally told him he did not have her consent.
He was arrested and arraigned on one count of sex abuse weeks later. However, he was released on his own recognizance. He spent 15 days in jail in December after he pulled a quirky stunt at the 60 Centre St. courthouse, in January of 2014. Against a judgeís order, he took a shrink report from his divorce case file

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Its a total waste of time and money.


Do not go to Dr. Sina Edalat. I had nothing but problems from day 1 with every crown that doctor made. The doctor tried to cover up imperfections and after expressing my concerns about the quality. They tried to assure me that they were fine. But they have poor margin lines and the crowns havenít […]

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Dr. Frank Bowden has to pay a fine of $3,400


Dr. Frank Bowden III is accused of carrying out surgery on the wrong eye of a patient. It was found that he has a separate lawsuit still pending after he performed surgeries without proper consent, in the case of a different patient.
As part of the settlement he entered into with the Florida Department of Health on Feb 16, he did not admit to any wrongdoing on his part. He will, however, pay a fine of about $3,400. He will also have to take part in continuing medical education.
According to records, Bowden was supposed to perform surgery on the patientís left eye at the Orange Park Surgery Center in 2014. It included the placement of a tube shunt, severing of conjunctival scar adhesions and scleral reinforcement grafting. He started to perform the surgery on the patientís left eye before he realized his mistake and stopped.
He performed several unwarranted surgeries on a patient in 2007 and 2008. The patient in this case was legally blind and was referred by TH

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Dr. Loretta and Dr. Shadia are running a scam here.


They overprescribe drugs to their patients so they can fill their pockets and squeeze more money out of their patients. Iím convinced that they might have a tie-up with pharmacies. They had prescribed my mom too many sleeping pills. It was as if she was supposed to take them all day and sleep 24/7. She […]

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