TRADE WORLD TALK WITH LEAD TRADE WORLD CORPORATION Continued to charge my credit cards after cancelling service NY new york!!. TRADE WORLD | TRADE WORLD CORPORATION | TALK WITH LEAD This company continued to charge my credit cards for $56.49/month after I had cancelled their service AND they said the service was $49.99 but continued to charge me $56.49 without any explanation what the extra $7 charge was for and would never respond to my emails.. until I cancelled my service. I cancelled their service in December of 2018 and after they charged me again they said I couldnt cancel by email but would have to log into my account and then request an “authorization code” to cancel the account. I sent multiple emails to get the “auth code” yet I never received one to cancel the account through their antiquated admin console. At the same time they kept sending me threatening letters about reporting me to credit agencies after I refused to pay for the

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By Karl