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I was at a Medical Marijuana Trade Show in Denver back in October of 2014. When i met Elvis “Papi’ Edwards, who then showed me his awesome Vaporizer Hoodies called Vaprwear. They were the hoodies in which you can literally vape right out of, with the drawstring being a vape pen. I own a retail clothing store in Arizona, so i knew vaprwear would sell easily. I asked him how much Vaprwear Hoodies retail for and he said right around $120 and then wholesale for $55. I knew Vaprwear Hoodies would be a great investment and I could easily double my money. Once I returned to Arizona I contacted Papi via email asking what to do to get a large retail order of Vaprwear to my shop. He instructed me to write him a personal check to his name for just over $5,000, not to the company Vaprwear. Which i thought was odd, but did it anyway because he seemed so likeable. He said that my order would be sent to me within a month. So a month passed and I tried contacting Papi via email, Phone Calls, and even through his Instagrams @vaprwear_ & @birdlife_ . I got no responses..NONE!!! Ive even had friends of mine call him from their phones, which he then answers but as soon as he finds out its regarding me he hangs up and blocks the number. Ive tried contacting his bank which is a Chase Bank Acct. But they said since I personnally wrote him the check there is nothing I can do. I now have to pay a lawyer over $3000 just to try and get back my $5000. This man is a complete THIEF!!! I have even been contacted by others in the Denver area telling me he did the same to them, when i posted in a local Blog. DO NOT BUY FROM VAPRWEAR!! HE WONT EVEN SEND YOU YOUR PRODUCT!!!! .

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