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so i sent this letter below to my loss prevention manager and district manager complaining about treatment in my location , as i am an assistant manager at walgreens. i got trasferred immediately to another store and the perpetrators were never reprimanded nor any feedback given to me. i was injured in a motor vehicle accident on sep 29 and have not been able to report to work since then. now for 3 months i have unsuccessfully been trying to get a letter from walgreens to fill out my NYS MF6 form(wage verification ) so i can at least recieve a percent of my salary while at home as i havent been recieving any income since then, they never responded or forwarded the information to my insurance company. i go online today to check on some information and my status says terminated..now how can i be terminated for no reason, no progressive discipline paperwork, and while i am still verifiably on disability with which i have submitted doctors disability notices concurrently to my job ? can i sue? i got a letter in the mail closing my profit sharing account and stating that my termination was since 10/08/2009, which as 10 days after my accident and while i was on leave of absence? they “backdated”” my termination …i was on leave of absence 2 weeks ago

today i was terminated sonce 10/08? i guess since i was applying for temporary wage while is due my under nys no fault law and paid by my insurance company they assumed i was trying to collect unemployment or workers comp which i wasnt and fired me

what can i do? nFrom: [email protected]: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]: disturbing event since being at walgreens.Date: Tue

29 Sep 2009 17:19:47 +0000how are you sir

my name is asumoh e xxx and i work at walgreens and have been employed thankfully here since april. i am an assistant manager presently at store 10411 but i was recently transferred fom store 7627 and this is my concern. i appreciate the honor to work with a manager like mr.mcilwraith as he is the epitemy of professionalism and i was glad to have that store as my port of entry per se into the company

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